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A cultural hub connecting Japan to the world, C Hub JAPAN provides 
professional intercultural communication services.

Ongoing Projects:

About Us

C Hub JAPAN offers comprehensive solutions for international media, businesspeople, and travelers' projects, including coordination, location scouting, interview scheduling, translation/transcreation services, photo/video production, and more.

We have years of expertise in a variety of sectors, including traditional Japanese culture, art, martial arts, academia, and a network of film crews, photographers, craftspeople, local governments, and so on. 


We'll thoroughly examine your project to ensure that it operates smoothly and efficiently after you arrive in Japan. Hiring a local fixer might be a very handy and cost-effective choice. To get a good story, you need to be able to contact and connect with citizens, corporate representatives, and government officials, which can often result in major difficulties, as well as wasted time, energy, and money. C Hub JAPAN will act as your reliable local business partner, communicator, and coordinator, ensuring that your project reaches its maximum potential.

Please contact us to discuss your forthcoming projects if you are a TV producer, filmmaker, journalist, influencer, blogger, or corporation looking to connect with fixers in Tokyo and around Japan.

Available Services


Fixing services for inbound media projects, including location scouting and advice, interpretation, research and on-the-ground guiding. We can assist you in all aspects of your project, from pre-production to post.


We provide a variety of consultation services for Japanese companies seeking to establish or expand their business overseas, and for overseas companies wishing to do the same in Japan.


Planning and coordination of seminars and lectures. We specialise in events related to the martial arts, Zen and meditation, kimono, and other traditional Japanese arts and disciplines.

Content creation, translation

We offer translation and transcreation services, research assistance,  as well as original content creation in any format. Our core expertise includes art, culture and the martial arts, and we work in Japanese, English, French, and Chinese.


C Hub JAPAN CEO Naoko Mikami has years of experience as an art curator. For introductions to Japanese artists for creative collaborations, to organise art exhibitions, or if you have any questions about art activities in Japan, please contact us.





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