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A Guide to Akita Museums

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Art Curator Japan

Akita Museum of Art


Location: Akita

The museum exhibits a large collection of work by Fujita Tsuguharu (1886-1968), also known as Leonard Foujita, who is arguably Japan's most famous Western style painter.

Akita Museum of Modern Art


Location: Yokote

Works held at the museum include Western-style Akita Ranga (paintings of Akita orchids), painted in this region since the 18th century, and works by such artists as Kogyo Terasaki, Suian Hirafuku, Hyakusui and his son, and Toyoshiro Fukuda, all of whom have a close connection to Akita Prefecture. An exhibition zone called Geijutsu-no Mori (Forest of Art) extends into the area around the museum and is the setting for around 30 sculptures.

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