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A Guide to Fukui Museums

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Art Curator Japan

Fukui Prefectural Museum of Fine Art


Location: Fukui

The collection consists primarily of artworks related to Fukui, including India ink drawings by artists of the Echizen-Soga School and innovative paintings by Matabei Iwasa (1578-1650). The core of the collection comprises of modern Japanese-style paintings by artists who belonged to first Nihonbijutsuin―avant- garde Japanese-style paintings group founded by Tenshin Okakura in 1898. Works by Hokuso-gakai (1922-1937) and Hokubi-bumkakyokai (1948- ) from avant-garde movement of Western-style painting groups in Fukui, and progressive Japanese- style paintings by Makoto Mikami (1919-1972).

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