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A Guide to Fukushima Museums

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Art Curator Japan

Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art


Location: Fukushima

The museum houses a vast selection of 3,800 works, ranging from French Impressionism, 20th American Realism, Japanese modern paintings, prints, earthenwares, ceramics to textiles.

Art Curator Japan

Morohashi Museum of Modern Art


Location: Kitashiobara

The permanent collection includes over three hundred forty pieces by Salvador Dalí, the fourth largest Dalí Museum in the world and the sole Dalí Museum in the Asia, as well as works by Sisley, Cézanne, Renoir, Matisse and Picasso.

Kiyoshi Saito Museum of Art


Location: Yanaizu

This museum is dedicated to the works of the world-renowned woodblock print artist Kiyoshi Saito. Housing a collection of 850 of his works, including his well-known series Aizu no Fuyu (Winter in Aizu), the museum also holds four special exhibitions a year with about 90 works exhibited on each occasion.

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