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A Guide to Hokkaido Museums

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art


Location: Sapporo

The collection consists of works by Jules Pascin and his contemporaries in the Ecole de Paris active during the 1920-30s; glassworks from Art Nouveau to contemporary pieces, both inside and outside Japan; works by artists closely related to Hokkaido; Optical Art and other contemporary trends.

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Migishi Kotaro Museum of Art, Hokkaido


Location: Sapporo

The collection consists of 255 Migishi Kotaro’s works; 86 oil paintings, 158 watercolors and drawings, 10 prints.

Hakodate Museum of Art, Hokkaido


Location: Hakodate

The museum exhibits works on the themes of "art in southern Hokkaido", "Oriental art and calligraphy", and "modern art related to characters and symbols". It possesses works by Kaneko Otei, a leading calligrapher of Japan.

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The Arte Piazza Bibai


Location: Bibai

The Arte Piazza Bibai is a sculpture park in the mountains where forty sculptures of Kan Yasuda, an internationally renowned sculptor, are exhibited.

Goto Sumio Museum


Location: Kamifurano

This museum houses over 130 works of art by visionary Japanese-style painter, Goto Sumio. Displays include some of Japan's most renowned works, made using natural materials including gold and platinum, featuring depictions of the four seasons in locations such as Kyoto, Nara, Hokkaido, China, and Europe.

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Nitori Museum of Art (Otaru Art Base)


Location: Otaru

The museum displays Japanese paintings by Taikan Yokoyama, and Gyokudo Kawai, as well as Western art by Japanese artist Ryusei Kishida and other artists from around the world. It also has wooden sculptures by Koun Takamura and his disciple are displayed and showcases some of Art Nouveau Art Déco Glass works.

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Nakasatsunai Art Village


Location: Nakasatsunai

It is dotted with art museum and restaurants in approximately 145,000 square meters of very large sites of the Tokachi, Hokkaido district. There are Kyuichiro Aihara Museum, Junsaku Koizumi Museum, north earth Museum, dream building.

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