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A Guide to Hyogo Museums

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

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Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art


Location: Kobe

The major collections of the museum are foreign and Japanese sculptures, foreign and Japanese prints, Western-style and Japanese-style paintings associated with Hyogo Prefecture, Japanese greatworks in modern era, and contemporary art.

Yokoo Tadanori Museum of Contemporary Art


Location: Kobe

The museum’s primary objectives are to maintain the collection of works that were donated and deposited by Yokoo Tadanori, an artist born in Nishiwaki, Hyogo, and to make them widely accessible to the general public. While primarily using the collection to call attention to Yokoo’s internationally-acclaimed art both inside and outside Japan, the museum holds a diverse range of exhibitions featuring artists in a variety of fields with links to Yokoo and themes related to Yokoo’s works.

Art Curator Japan

Itami City Museum of Art


Location: Itami

The collection spans from 18th century English satirical prints to present day works related to humor from in and around the world. Noteworthy is our main collection of over 2,000 works by Honoré Daumier. As to follow this collection, we hold caricature works of his French contemporaries, satirical prints from 18-19th century British artists, as well as works of 20th century German artists. Other collection includes prints, paintings, and sculptures of contemporary artists from Japan and abroad.

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Otani Memorial Museum, Nishinomiya City


Location: Nishinomiya

The Otani Memorial Art Museum was established based on the contribution, including the land, building and works of art, from the late Takejiro Otani (the former president of Showa Electrode Co., Ltd.). In addition to the initial collection, primarily Japanese modern Western paintings, modern Japanese paintings and modern French paintings, we collect works of art of the local artists, mainly in Hanshin area, and prints. Now, we possess more than 1100 works of art.

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Miki Museum


Location: Himeji

The permanent exhibition displays innovative creations by the Bizen pottery master Yuichi Kakurezaki, and elegant, delicate works portraying the four seasons by the Japanese artist Susumu Maki. Also displayed are refined paintings of landscapes, and flower-and-bird paintings drawn from nature by Koichi Nabatame, and works by Seiji Tōgō, known for his sweet female images.

Art Curator Japan

Ashiya City Museum of Art and History


Location: Ashiya

Since 1991, the Ashiya city Museum of Art & History collected, reserved, investigated, researched modern and contemporary works whose artists are connected to Ashiya and also cultural assets of nature and history of Ashiya. It also has collection of Gutai artists.

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