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A Guide to Kagoshima Museums

Art Curator Japan

Kagoshima City Museum of Art


Location: Kagoshima

As the only public art museum in the prefecture it accumulated a unique collection and contributed to the promotion of art culture in the region through projects such as exhibitions.

While focusing on the art of local artists, this museum collects, preserves, and exhibits pieces from both international and domestic artists from the end of the 19th century until the present.

Art Curator Japan

Nagashima Museum


Location: Kagoshima

The Nagashima Museum is an art museum exhibiting quite a wide variety of art styles including Japanese, Western, and New World archaeology.

Art Curator Japan

Miyake Museum of Art


Location: Kagoshima

As for the main store product, as for the picture, as for the ceramic ware, main multi-colored porcelain and bed for rice seedlings river grill, grilled Hirasa, grilled dragon Moji, grilled excellent Sue Chotaro of genritsuin*, Old Satsuma such as ability burning off a field and here Taniyama with approximately 550 points with approximately 350 points of writer works with connection with picture and ceramic ware in Kagoshima including Kinosuke Ebihara and Satsuo Nakama.

Art Curator Japan

Kirishima Open-Air Museum


Location: Yusui-cho

First opened in 2000, walking into the museum is a surreal experience. The grounds are littered with works from 23 artists who all surveyed the landscape before making their creations. These works represent the culture, history, and nature of the region, with all of the works fitting into the landscape like a silk glove. It is home to the revered pieces of Yayoi Kusama, such as ‘The Flowers of Shangri-la’, a whimsical array of Alice in Wonderland-esque giant statues of flowers.

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