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A Guide to Oita Museums

Art Curator Japan

Oita Prefectural Art Museum


Location: Oita

The museum displays a variety of art genres in its temporary exhibitions such as paintings and sculptures, and also branches out into other art genres including poetry and performance art.

Art Curator Japan

Oita Art Museum


Location: Matsue

It houses a collection of Japanese and Western art, including Momoyama folding screens and paintings by Corot, Sisley, Monet, and Gauguin.

Art Curator Japan

Nikaido Museum of Art


Location: Hiji

The Nikaido Museum of Art, specialized in Nihonga, opened in October 10th of 1994. Its core collection consists of Kakejiku (hanging scroll) mainly focuses on Kindai Nihonga ( Modern Japanese paintings after Meiji era: 1868~) , donated by the Nikaido Distillery Co., Ltd..

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