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A Guide to Yamanashi Museums

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

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Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art


Location: Kofu

Starting with the first acquisition, Jean-François Millet's The Sower, the museum has expanded its collection including other works by Millet, other Barbizon School artists and major European landscape artists. The museum has thus come to be known as the "museum of Millet". Furthermore, it has rich collections of modern and comtemporary Japanese artists.

Art Curator Japan

Hirayama Ikuo Silk Road Museum


Location: Hokuto

The museum’s Silk Road Art Collection includes some 9,000 pieces of paintings, sculpture and craft with ages ranging from ancient to modern, created in some 37 countries across Europe, West Asia, Central Asia and East Asia regions, from Rome in the West and to Japan in the East.

Art Curator Japan

Kiyoharushirakaba Museum


Location: Hokuto

The main collection are the works of the Shirakaba-ha which was an influential Japanese literary coterie. They did not limit their interest to literature, but also delved into other art forms. There is also a great collection of Georges Rouault. Established in April, 1983.

Art Curator Japan

Kawaguchiko Muse Museum


Location: Kawaguchiko

Doll collection of Atae Yuki, whose works are highly-praised even abroad. The works made of cotton cloth are so well-crafted and they are praised as ‘cloth sculptures'. The exhibitions are changed twice a year, and around 100 works are on display at any one time.

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