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"Traces —The Tokyo Series" by Alain Gelberger

Updated: May 4, 2020

Alain Gelberger

Alain Gelberger is a French artist who lives and works in Paris.

A photographer by profession, he draws his inspiration from the world that surrounds him, more specifically from the urban world. In fact, he photographs what is called "Urban Traces" that everybody walks by everyday.

He uses all sorts of elements that usually are unnoticed by the eyes of the passersby, creating quite stunning compositions, whether it is a line of paint on the pavement or the mark of a tire printed on the tar, Alain Gelberger seeks to transcribe a certain beauty of everyday life that is left aside, ignored by the habitants of the cities.

His work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions such as at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Grenoble and at the Cultural Service of Vaison la Romaine, at the head office of LCL, at the Hotel of Italians in Paris and at the Apple Store in London.




彼はこれまで、グルノーブル現代美術館、ヴェゾン・ラ・ロメーヌ アートセンター、LCL本部、オテル・デ・イタリアン(パリ)、アップルストア(ロンドン)をはじめとする様々な会場で、数多くの個展・グループ展を開催している。

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