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Updated: May 4, 2020

artist miu

ARTIST miu, born 1975 in Japan, graduated from Takarazuka Art and Design University and studied under GUTAI master Shozo Shimamoto. She works mainly with cement, concrete and plastic materials. Through her art, she tries to sublimate the mirthless negativity associated with concrete into works that radiate hope and happiness.

Concrete and plastic supported throughout the 20th century the development of our societies, but eventually became harmful as well: pollution, oppression, diseases, disenchantment...

ARTIST miu opposes cement monotony with plastic chromatic exuberance. But focusing on the negative aspects of these materials, she in fact invites us to consider the positive, like a balance of yin and yang: more than a "return to" she advocates a regression to nature.  

"Science and civilisations are evolving constantly, but they also decay at the same time. And yet, we continue to turn a deaf ear to the death throes of the nature. It is about time we start to listen again."

ARTIST miuは、セメントという素材を塗り固め、彩色して半立体作品に仕上げる。セメントは、古代エジプトのピラミッドにも使用され、18世紀の産業革命で飛躍的な進化を遂げた素材である。文明社会を築き上げた優れたマテリアルである一方、その無機質で無彩色なイメージは現代人が抱える矛盾、葛藤、無気力、さらには地球規模の自然破壊、民族紛争やテロリズムなど、負の要素を連想させるものでもある。そのセメントに生命力あふれる彩りを与えることで、負の要素から正の要素への転化を追求し、現代人の心に「愛」や「希望」を呼び覚ましたい。そうした願いを込めて作品を制作している。

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