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Baptiste Tavernier

Baptiste Tavernier, born 1981 in France, pursues a creative path that has led him from experimental music to contemporary art through the martial arts of Japan

Tavernier studied digital arts and musical composition at Paris University. He changed path in 2006 and decided to join the prestigious International Martial Arts University in Chiba, Japan, where he trained for ten years in modern Budo and several traditional martial styles. In 2010, he began to merge his various influences and has developed since a unique pictorial aesthetic mixing labyrinths, Body painting and mixed media photography. His works often blend modern (digital painting, body painting) and traditional techniques influenced by Japanese arts and culture. Baptiste Tavernier has exhibited internationally since 2014, mainly in Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, and in the United States.

He now works different series that blend polaroid photography, geometrical abstractions and mixed media project, through which he has created and developed a post-apocalyptic meta-universe called Terra Oblivia.

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