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Hajime Kinoko

Hajime Kinoko is a Japanese bondage/shibari artist and a photographer, now considered the leading modern rope artist of Japan. Japanese bondage is usually perceived as erotic, but Kinoko prefers to interpret it as “pop” and endeavors to sublimate it into art. His unique works where he ties natural elements (wood, trees, rocks, etc.) or spaces have been praised not only in Japan but in many Western countries. Kinoko has been active for several years now, exhibiting photos and videos of rope plays and live performances of Japanese bondage. After earning recognition on the international scene, he nowadays proposes performances and workshops in more than 20 cities, including Paris, London, Munich, etc.


"For me, bondage is about connection. When I tie somebody, the whole performance is not about just making knots but rather engaging in some kind of dialogue with the model. The ropes connect us, a bit like a tin can telephone. Through the connection with my model, empathy arise and suddenly I can feel what she or he is thinking: where she wants to be tied, when, how… I can feel the amount of strength she is willing to submit to. When you  reach such mental state, the world around us disappear and all that remain is us and the bondage’s lines. My rope art then feels as powerful as the waves that carve a rock into a cliff. I always find it brilliant and beautiful. This is what I quest for.

One of my signature series is called Red. Its central theme is also connection. It questions motherhood, the link to our ancestors, nature, friendship, DNA, the future, heart-to-heart and inspiration. No one never walks alone. We are always connected to somebody. In this series I use red ropes in order to show the strong connection of blood and “the red string of fate” which ties soulmates. The white background expresses pureness. The Internet made our lives extremely convenient, but also made us forget the value of real interactions. I want the viewers to remember their loved ones and  their beautiful memories."

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