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Jun Someya

Updated: May 4, 2020

jun someya

Jun Someya, born 1976 in Kanagawa. After working for several years in an office, he decided to quit his position and to become a professional artist.

"I have been working on the contrast between red and greyscale for a couple years already. In life, many things lay on top of each other, submerging or filtering the lower planes in a very complex fashion. In my paintings as well, the first colorful layers soon disappear under the newer ones, but by sanding them down, I obtain a complex background that will later impact my greys. It is at the same time complex and minimal, and by inserting red hues in the composition, I can achieve a certain harmony.

The world I depict comes from my imagination: I like to express the simple feelings of ordinary people. I usually hide one of the eyes of my characters : this make them less human in a sense, but at the same time it brings a set of emotions to the fore : nostalgia, gentleness, sorrow… Complexity leads to artificial beauty; beautiful things are always the simplest."

そめや じゅん、画家。1976年生まれ。

ここ数年、そめやはモノクロに赤という組み合わせで作品を制作している。 物事は往々にして様々に折り重なり、いろいろなものを覆い隠したり、フィルターをかけたりしながら、非常に複雑な様相を見せるが、そめやは下塗りを様々な色で施し、その後研磨紙でヤスリをかけることによって、その複雑さを表現しようと試みる。しかし、ある瞬間、そうした物事がふとシンプルに目に飛び込んでくる事がある。彼はそのシンプルさを、赤を差し入れることによって作品に出現させる。彼の描く世界は、普遍的な人間の感情がシンプルに存在する心象風景である。

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