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Masato Shigemori

Masato Shigemori

Shigemori Masato was born in 1979 in Hiroshima. Although he never experienced war, Shigemori has been deeply marked by the tragedy of the atomic bombing over his hometown. This is a recurring theme in his discussions and has largely influenced his artistic choices. Yet, where some artists would have developed a dark or negative style, Shigemori decided to turn is back from from the human kind and to focus on the magnificence of nature.

On the technical side, Shigemori has studied at length the Impressionists, Van Gogh in particular, but also Ingres and Modigliani. He admits, however, a penchant for manga and thus composes with radically different influences. Assuming that Shintoism remains one of the foundations of the Japanese identity, Shigemori draws inspiration at the source of this animism. The Invisible, the Spirits of Nature, the strength of the elements, the simple or complex beauty of fauna and flora, are all subjects that he sublimates in his paintings.





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