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Yujin Koyama

Yujin Koyama

Yujin Koyama was born 1949 in Niigata. At the time he graduated from medical school, he could not reconcile himself to give up his passion for art in order to take his position at his family clinic. Since then, he has pursued 3 careers at the same time: medical doctor, artist and novelist. 

Yujin Koyama organized his first solo exhibition in Tokyo in 1974 and then started to exhibit in Paris from 1978. In 1996, he received with the 28e Shincho award/ New Face for his novel Mammoth Tusk. In 2009, he published Incubation, and unveiled simultaneously a painting with the same title. Several novels of Koyama have been translated into English, French, or Spanish.

Yujin Koyama has had several periods in his artistic career, but recently he has developed a unique phantasmagorical universe inspired by the Yokai, the Japanese evil spirits and monsters, and the creatures from the Greek mythology. The characters from his novels are often, like Kafka's Gregor, the victims of disturbing metamorphosis and psychological issues... 

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